The CRYPTO Tickets

1 Ticket = Entry Into weekly Giveaways
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The Treasury

The Treasury

The treasury will be funded from initial capital raised from the sale of 4000 Crypto Tickets.
Treasury Wallets


Where do my funds go after purchase?

Crypto Tickets Available
> 10% - 50% NFTs Minted
70% Giveaways
30% Reinvest & Diversify
< 10 NFTs Minted
100% Giveaways
> 80% - 100% NFTs Minted
50% Giveaways
40% Reinvest & Diversify
10% Marketing, Development &
> 50% - 80% NFTs Minted
60% Giveaways
40% Reinvest & Diversify



Smart Contract Creation
Website Launch
Community Building & Marketing
Whitepaper Launch
Team Dox
WhiteList launch 17th March


Public Mint - 18th March
Initial Treasury Investment
Week 1 - Weekly Giveaway Draw
Dapp Launch & improvements
Reinvest & Compound
Utilise Liquidity Pot if needed
Repeat The Above


Sustainable Treasury is established
NFT voting system
Monthly Dividend Colour draw when suitable
Hosted dapp giveaways
More to be announced...

Our Vision

Our aim of the project is to grow a solidified community of cryptocurrency investors that are or want to be involved in the node space. Many new investors have been unsure on how to enter the space or unwilling to risk the initial capital to be involved. We understand as the DeFi space can be daunting.
Each ticket owned is an opportunity to win the weekly giveaway, initially there will be 5 weekly spots, this will soon rise to daily giveaways. Additionally, Ticket Holders and our community will be able to vote on every decision made. As we grow, so do our giveaways.

Meet the team

We are a small team of crypto enthusiasts who have been in the space for over 8 years combined, with varied experience in all sectors of cryptocurrency. We have seen and experienced first-hand the good, the bad and the ugly whilst navigating through the depths of the crypto space such as de-fi, P2E, Naas & much more.

- Bleu

My name is Bleu (Said like the colour) and I’m 27 years old. I’m from London. I am the founder of an investment business which I have run for 5 years in November. I’ve been in the crypto space since 2017. I’m a serial collector of most things with any value. I love going for long walks with my dog and other half and also cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

- Leon

My name is Leon and I’m from Bath in the United Kingdom, I have been trading the stock market for around 18 years. I came in to crypto around 3 years ago but in the last 18 months I decided to invest bigger profits from my stocks portfolio which has been a very lucrative move and has brought me in to wanting to get involved with a project not just for the benefit of myself but helping others.

- Josh

My name is Josh. I'm from Southampton in the UK. Before I went full crypto, I was a carpenter by trade, I have done that for about 12 years, and bought my own business. Then i moved into crypto, I've been invested in crypto for eight years now. So I know my way round and went full time about two and a half months ago now.